Tony Bloom and His Advocacy Against Poverty

tony bloom charitableThe dictionary describes poverty as the state of not having enough money to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing. A great majority of the world’s population, 80% to be exact, lives on $10 or less a day. The disparity between the rich and the poor is widening more than ever with 40% of the population accounting only to 5% of global income while the rich enjoys a whopping 75%. What makes poverty a global catastrophe is that it catapults into various other social issues like hunger, sickness, lack of education and unemployment among others. This is what Tony Bloom and his foundation fights against.

Tony was born and grew up in the seaside resort town of Brighton in England to a well to-do family. He was sent to elite institutions and has worked in one of the country’s biggest names in accounting. Plus, he’s also the well-celebrated chairman of the Brighton and Hove Albion football club. Despite his upbringing and many successes, Tony has always had a hand when it comes to helping people and fighting poverty. Such was his fervency that in 2011 he spearheaded and founded the Tony Bloom Charitable Trust. Later on, it was then called the Bloom Foundation.

The charity’s main objective is to fight poverty and end it or at least relieve its effects not only in UK and the rest of Europe but also in the developing countries of Africa and Asia. Together with his fellow trustees Linda Bloom, Marc Sugarman, Adam Franks and Marcelle Lester, they offer and make grants to causes, projects and other organizations that serve the same objectives.

The Bloom Foundation’s charitable objects reads as follows, “the prevention or relief of poverty in developing countries by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare projects and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient. To promote and protect the physical and mental health of disabled and terminally ill children and soldiers disabled or made ill by conflict. Such charitable purposes for the public benefit as are exclusively charitable under the laws of England and Wales as the trustees may from time to time determine.”

The foundation generates income for its charitable undertakings through voluntary pledges and donations and investments and operates its offices in London. In 2015 alone, Tony Bloom and the foundation has generated £3.1 million worth of income, £1.9 million of which were spent on charitable activities, governance and investment management of the same period with the remainder retained for future projects and grants.