Do You Have What it Takes to Play Football

beckham_davidFootball is perhaps the world’s most popular sport with the World Cup being the most attended and watched all over the globe. We’ve all come to see the greats live and play it off on the field. They’ve made a name for themselves and have amazing careers ahead of them. This of course comes not only with fame but also fortune.

Kids as small as can be dream to be professional athletes someday just like their idols. Admit it. It has at least crossed your mind too. But what exactly does it take to be a footballer? Here, have a look.

  • The Physique

Endurance is very crucial in a game like football. With a field as that covers a total of 57,600 square feet in area that’s 360 feet long and 160 feet wide. It takes a lot of physical strength, agility and endurance to last. As a matter of fact, a player runs an average of 9.65 kilometers during the course of an entire game. Exercise, discipline and consistency are crucial to achieve a body that can withstand the strain.

  • The Technical Skill

No matter how strong a person is, if they couldn’t juggle, dribble, pass and receive and shoot then we don’t have a player. There has to be adequate skill in order to play. This of course can only be honed by time and perseverance. Practice and training are very important in order to hone, develop and master such technical skills.

  • The Speed

This comes as no surprise. The faster one is the better they become. Running is only part of the equation here. Of course, there has to be momentum and swiftness in movement. However, speed also applies to decision making as well as understanding of the game. Strategies are not only built before a game or at timeouts. It happens within the field too.

  • The Teamwork

Football is first and foremost a team sport. Not knowing when and how to pass not only denotes selfishness but it can also hinder the success of any team. Every player has their own role in the game and one has to know how to play their part in order to win. It’s all about the team not the individual.

  • The Attitude

Great footballers aren’t all skill, strength and knowledge. They have to have the personality too. Attitude differentiates a good and great athlete. Coaches and players will not want to work and with someone who’s hard to deal with.