Fun Facts You Might Not Know About UK Sports

uk cricketWithout a shadow of a doubt, the United Kingdom is home to one of the most ardent and passionate sports fans and athletes. It has given birth to legends throughout centuries and has its fair share of funny moments. Care to find out a few fun facts about UK sports? If you do, then read on. We’ve prepared loads for you.

·      The Olympics was held in London, the UK’s capital, back in 1908 and 1948. In 2012, it once again hosted the Summer Olympics. With that, London has become the very first city to have hosted the said sporting event thrice. During the same year, it was also the first time for every participating country to have at least one female athlete.

·      Despite being one of the biggest football nations in the world, UK’s national sport is actually cricket, an outdoor sport played by two teams of 11 players using a flat bat, a small hard ball, and wickets. A player scores by batting the ball and running, while the defenders can get a player out by bowling and hitting the wicket, catching a hit ball, or running the player out.

·      The northern wall of a tennis court in the Whitehall Palace, then the largest sporting complex in the entirety of Europe, is considered to be London’s oldest living sports structure. Built by Henry VIII in 1534, it can only be visited by government officials and cabinet ministers as of writing as it now forms part of the Cabinet Office, backing onto Downing Street.

·      Football has been repeatedly banned in the UK throughout history. The first was in April 13, 1314 after King Edward II received complaints from merchants about the noise in the city. It is to be noted that at the time there were no standards in place. Players can be as much as an entire town and public places like roads are often used. In many cases, the game ends violently. It was also seen as a distraction from practicing archery which was crucial in the nation’s defenses thus leading Edward III, Richard II, Edward IV and Henry IV to call for a ban in 1349, 1389, 1401 and 1477 respectively.

·      UK sports made a lot of history. The country has given birth to a range of major international sports such as association football, badminton, billiards, bowls, boxing, cricket, curling, darts, golf, hockey, ice hockey, modern rowing, netball, rugby (union and league), snooker, squash, table tennis and tennis.