A Thing or Two About Tony Bloom’s Advocacies and Foundations

Tony-bloom-overcoming-msBusinessman-investor and football club chairman Tony Bloom has more up his sleeves. As if they weren’t already full, he adds philanthropist to the list. And we’re not talking about just one charity but two.

In 2011, he set up the Tony Bloom Charitable Trust together with fellow trustees Linda Bloom, Adam Franks, Marc Sugarman and Marcelle Lester. It’s charitable objects reads as follows:

“The prevention or relief of poverty in developing countries by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare projects and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient. To promote and protect the physical and mental health of disabled and terminally ill children and soldiers disabled or made ill by conflict. Such charitable purposes for the public benefit as are exclusively charitable under the laws of England and Wales as the trustees may from time to time determine.”

The foundation has since offered and made grants to various causes, projects, activities, organizations and efforts that are geared towards poverty. It supports efforts made towards disability, economic and community development, employment, training and education, overseas aid, famine relief, health advancement, health improvement, life saving efforts, prevention or relief of poverty, general and other charitable purposes. Soon after, it was renamed to simply the Bloom Foundation. It currently holds office at London and targets several areas all over the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and the developing nations in Africa and Asia.

With his wife Linda who is the main founder of the OMS (Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis) Foundation, Tony’s advocacies also include spreading awareness about the condition and helping patients suffering from it. He even ran the Brighton marathon twice to raise both funds and awareness for the said charity.

The OMS Foundation was a result of the couple’s personal battle with the condition. Around more than a decade ago, Linda was diagnosed with MS where she was left almost paralyzed.

The debilitating disease is a rare one that affects only 0.035% of the world population. It is a degenerative neurological disease that affects the central nervous system and disrupts the flow of information within the brain and between it and the body causing symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, vision problems, difficulty in balance, bladder issues, muscle stiffness, spasms, memory incapacity, speaking problems and emotional instability among others.

Tony Bloom sure has a big heart and these sure are enough to prove it.


What Football Does for Your Body

strong musclesThey say that sports are good for you and we completely agree. This is why today we decided to shine the spotlight on the world’s favorite, football, and dissect how it impacts the body in its most physical sense.

There’s a reason why football is said to build cardiovascular or heart health. A single player runs an average of five to seven miles per game with others even reaching 9.5 miles. Running is the most common and effective form of cardio. It stabilizes heart rate, improves blood circulation, resists plaque buildup in the coronary arteries and burns a lot of calories. Apart from running, there’s a lot of walking, jogging and jumping too.

It burns fat and bad cholesterol. There’s a lot of exercise that happens in this sport. Overtime, players develop great aerobic capacity as they are able to switch from walking to sprinting to recovering and back at it again with ease and in repetition. All that helps burn a lot of body fat and in a natural way too. The need to go from aerobic to anaerobic movements even does this faster than any other sport.

It strengthens the bones. Playing the sport helps increase bone density. The built up mechanical load during training and playtime accelerates the process of deposition thereby encouraging the body to build and develop a stronger skeletal frame.

Get strong and toned muscles. Many people get muscles but not everyone develops them strong. This is why many nutritionists note of “fake muscles”. They look tones and lean but they’re not strong. They’re merely just for show. We don’t want that. By playing football, the body gets both: strength and toned muscles. And when we mean strength it’s the overall because the sport requires all areas of the body to move, hold, kick and stop the ball across a huge field of opponents.

It develops flexibility. Because players have to shift from aerobic to anaerobic energy pathways and moving fast to halting to sprinting and all that, flexibility is developed. This helps the body avoid and resist injury when it comes to physical activity and even unexpected situations.

Football helps increase immune function. Playing the sport even for fun requires a lot of physical and mental activity. By subjecting the body to these small and tolerable amounts of stress on repeat teaches it to be stronger. In a way, it helps make it immune to getting easily sick or tired.


Fun Football Trivia to Ease a Boring Day

Are you bored and likewise a football aficionado? If so then you’ve come to the right place. We’re throwing out fun facts and trivia to turn those humdrum minutes to hours of knowledge and amusement!

  • Earlier versions of the game had no formal rules except that the objective was to get the ball to the goal. There was no limit as to the number of players and it was even played in roads and public areas. This often ended up in a mass riot. It wasn’t until 1848 that the rules on goal kicks, throw-ins and goalie’s rights were drafted in Cambridge signaling the need to standardize things.
  • It was banned in England to prepare people for war. In the 1300s, King Edward II forbade it in all of the country. Its immense popularity made him fear that people would opt to play rather than hone their skills in archery and battle in time for the war with Scotland.
  • Original balls weren’t made of rubber. They were inflated animal bladder, oftentimes that of a pig, and was used because of their durability and mass availability. They were eventually covered in leather for added fortification.
  • The ball isn’t a perfect sphere. It is in fact oval in shape and the illusion is all thanks to its impeccable design and pattern. A traditional football comes in black and white with thirty two panels that symbolize the countries in Europe, the continent where the sport’s initial craze started off.
  • If King Edward II was no lover of the sport, Queen Elizabeth II was the total opposite. She was said to love football so much that she would sneak out and disguise herself to watch and play matches near the Buckingham Palace as a teenager.
  • fifaDespite its reputation as one of the biggest football loving nations in the world, The United Kingdom’s national sport is in fact cricket. It is an outdoor sport played by two teams of 11 players using a flat bat, a small hard ball, and wickets. Scores are made by batting the ball and running, while the defenders can get a player out by bowling and hitting the wicket, catching a hit ball, or running the player out.
  • FIFA has 211 member nations. That’s a number fairly bigger than what the United Nations has with only 193 member countries.


The UK’s Esteemed Football Teams

manchester unitedWhen it comes to a game of ball, the United Kingdom is almost synonymous with football. Although not its national sport, it is the most popular in the country making waves and noise all the time. In fact, the British are deemed to be one if not the biggest football nation of the world. Speaking of which, care to know which teams carry massive success? Here, take a look!

  • Manchester United Football Club aka “The Red Devils”

Based in Old Trafford in Greater Manchester, the Manchester United Football Club competes in the Premier League, the top flight of English football. It has so far won a total of 20 league titles, a joint-record of 12 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, a record 20 FA Community Shields, 3 European Cups, 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 Intercontinental Cup and 1 FIFA Club World Cup. If that’s not amazing then we don’t know what is. Nicknamed as the Red Devils, the club was originally known as the Newton Heath LYR Football Club back in 1878. The change of name came only in 1902. This makes Manchester United 138 years old. The club is co-chaired by Joel and Avram Glazer and managed by Jose Mourinho.

  • Liverpool Football Club aka “The Reds”

This Liverpool, Merseyside based football club, more popularly tagged as The Reds, was founded 124 years ago in the 3rd of June 1892. At present, it is managed by Jürgen Klopp with Tom Werner as the chairman. The team has so far won for itself many accolades and trophies including 5 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 18 League titles, 7 FA Cups, a record 8 League Cups and 15 FA Community Shields. It is also considered to be among the top ten highest-earning and most valuable football clubs in the world.

  • Arsenal Football Club aka “The Gunners”

The Gunners are based in Holloway, London and like the first two clubs plays in the Premier League. Since its inception in 1886 where it was first known as Dial Square, it has since won 12 FA Cups, 13 League titles, 2 League Cups, 14 FA Community Shields and 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. As of the current year, it has been acknowledged as the 2nd most valuable football club. At present, Sir Chips Keswick serves as its chairman and Arsène Wenger as its manager.


Do You Have What it Takes to Play Football

beckham_davidFootball is perhaps the world’s most popular sport with the World Cup being the most attended and watched all over the globe. We’ve all come to see the greats live and play it off on the field. They’ve made a name for themselves and have amazing careers ahead of them. This of course comes not only with fame but also fortune.

Kids as small as can be dream to be professional athletes someday just like their idols. Admit it. It has at least crossed your mind too. But what exactly does it take to be a footballer? Here, have a look.

  • The Physique

Endurance is very crucial in a game like football. With a field as that covers a total of 57,600 square feet in area that’s 360 feet long and 160 feet wide. It takes a lot of physical strength, agility and endurance to last. As a matter of fact, a player runs an average of 9.65 kilometers during the course of an entire game. Exercise, discipline and consistency are crucial to achieve a body that can withstand the strain.

  • The Technical Skill

No matter how strong a person is, if they couldn’t juggle, dribble, pass and receive and shoot then we don’t have a player. There has to be adequate skill in order to play. This of course can only be honed by time and perseverance. Practice and training are very important in order to hone, develop and master such technical skills.

  • The Speed

This comes as no surprise. The faster one is the better they become. Running is only part of the equation here. Of course, there has to be momentum and swiftness in movement. However, speed also applies to decision making as well as understanding of the game. Strategies are not only built before a game or at timeouts. It happens within the field too.

  • The Teamwork

Football is first and foremost a team sport. Not knowing when and how to pass not only denotes selfishness but it can also hinder the success of any team. Every player has their own role in the game and one has to know how to play their part in order to win. It’s all about the team not the individual.

  • The Attitude

Great footballers aren’t all skill, strength and knowledge. They have to have the personality too. Attitude differentiates a good and great athlete. Coaches and players will not want to work and with someone who’s hard to deal with.