5 Myths About Tony Bloom

Tony bloom lifeRenowned business magnate and chairman to the Brighton and Hove Albion F.C., Tony Bloom has become a household name over the years. In fact, we could consider him a celebrity by now. He’s earned it. But despite his success, not much is publicly known about his personal life.

That said people have come to create ideas about him. Let’s see the hits and misses as we list down and dissect the following myths about the man.

1st Myth: “He’s very meek.”

Unlike his predecessors such as Harry Dick Knight, Tony Bloom was a man of a few words. He would often give short speeches and was not one to appear in front of the cameras often. Because of this, many consider him to be meek and submissive. Contrary to this myth, Tony is quite the risk taker. In fact, his success and wealth began as he ventured into investments, something that requires a lot of gamble, leaving the corporate world in 1993. A man of a few words? Yes. But meek? Not so.

2nd Myth: “His idea of football is business.”

Because of his entrepreneurial and investment roots, many think that Tony got into the world of football for business reasons. But the truth of the matter is he did so because of sheer passion. Born as Anthony Grant Bloom in 1970, he grew up in a family of football aficionados. They were also massive fans of the Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. Growing up, Tony would attend matches at the Goldstone Ground with his father, uncle, brother and grandpa. Basically, he grew up loving it and entering the scene as investor first and eventually the club’s chairman was more of a childhood dream come true than a business move.

3rd Myth: “He inherited the chairmanship.”

Tony Bloom is the 3rd generation from his family to have been on board with the Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. with his grandpa Harry as vice-chair in the 70s and his uncle Ray as director in the 80s. It’s been 40 years with at least one of the Blooms in the club but he did not inherit any of it. After his successes with his various investment ventures, Tony decided to enter the scene by becoming one of the major stockholders back in 2000. But it wasn’t until May 2009 when he bought out and got majority share and finally became its latest and current chairman. Ever since, the Albions were in good hands. The American Express Community Stadium and American Express Elite Football Performance Centre were all his initiatives and were even partly backed from his own pocket.