Facts About Tony Bloom That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

tony bloomBusinessman-investor Tony Bloom has made quite a name of his own. One of the more prominent figures in the United Kingdom’s business scene, he’s quite the man of a few words but of many hats. You’d be surprised as to the many roles he juggles and the accomplishments he has made so far.

Need a little more convincing? Here’s a list of facts about Tony Bloom that’ll make your jaw drop.

“He managed to grab a position at Big Four member accounting firm Earnest & Young, a feat for professionals then and now, only to leave it a few years later.”

With a degree in mathematics and a promising finish from the University of Manchester, Tony Bloom had quite a bright future ahead of him. It wasn’t a huge surprise to many that he managed to grab the position as options trader at Earnest & Young after his graduation but what shocked more people was that he left it shortly afterwards to try his hand on entrepreneurship and investments. It was quite the risk especially during the ‘90s but one worth the hazard as Tony managed to build a solid equity from it. Of course, that came with a lot of hard work but isn’t success always a product of grit anyway?

“He gave the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club its own home base after having to live without one for twelve long years.”

In 1997, Bill Archer and David Belloti sold the Goldstone Ground in a feeble attempt to pay off debts which only ended up with a massive protest from the board and fans alike as the sale had little if any profit from the transaction. This also left the club without its own home base so it had to share and rent stadiums away from Brighton for the next twelve years. This changed when Tony Bloom became its chairman in May of 2009. He spearheaded and helped personally finance the £93 million 30,750 capacity American Express Community Stadium and even had a special facility built for good measure called the American Express Elite Football Centre.

“He’s also a successful philanthropist on top of it all.”

As if being a businessman-investor and football club chairman were not enough, Tony Bloom also delved into various philanthropic works. In 2011, he founded the Bloom Foundation with its advocacies on poverty and then later on co-founded the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Foundation with his wife Linda.