Tony Bloom: Business Magnate, Philanthropist, Football Chairman

tony bloom magnateWhat achievements can you attach to your name? In our lifetimes we tend to accumulate victories both small and massive, all of which are equally important and worth celebrating. Today, let’s get to know one of the many people who’ve managed to put not one but three accolades to his name. Meet the man of the hour Tony Bloom and get to know who he is and how he became the person he is today.


Tony is a nickname and one that he often prefers to go by. He was born as Anthony Grant Bloom in 1970 in the seaside town of Brighton which is an hour south of London in England.

He attended Lancing College, a private school founded in 1848 whose roster of alumni includes Sir David Hare and Sinclair Beecham to name a few. He continued his studies at Manchester University and took mathematics. Upon graduation, Tony got himself a job at the accountancy firm Ernst & Young. He left by 1993 and became an options trader. Not long after, pursued other endeavors since then.

Over the course of a few years, Tony has managed to set up quite a number of businesses and made worthwhile investments. His property investment portfolio is very much on track while his entrepreneurial endeavors are doing just as great.


“The Bloom Foundation” was founded by Tony himself alongside four other trustees which includes his wife Linda. The charity’s main purpose is to fight of and relieve poverty in the UK, in other parts of Europe as well as the developing nations in Asia and Africa.

“Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis” was an organization which his wife Linda founded and one that he ardently supports. She was diagnosed with MS fifteen years ago which sparked the inspiration for the charity that aims to help people with condition make informed decisions to better their lives and improve their situation.


In 2000, Tony Bloom became a major benefactor and investor to the Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club aka the Seagulls. By 2009, he sat as its newest and current chairman after earning majority share and putting in £93 million for the construction of the Amex, then Falmer Stadium. The American Express Community Stadium aka Amex can hold 30,750 people and is currently the home of the Seagulls. He also helped finance the construction of the American Express Elite Football Performance Centre which opened in 2014.